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IP CCTV Solution

An Internet Protocol Camera, commonly referred to as an IP camera, is a digital video camera which transmits and receives data over a network or the internet. Cimnet has range of IP cameras from 2megal Pixels to 8 Mega pixels both in Dome and Bullet housing.
These cameras are connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR). Cimnet has different category of NVR’s, 4bay high capacity NVR that can take up to 64 Terabyte of storage to base line 1 bay NVR than can take between 1 – 8 terabyte storage capacity.
This NVR’s and cameras also have different features depending on client’s budget and need.


AHD camera is Analogue High Definition Camera, this cameras also comes in mega pixels. They are the cheaper version of IP cameras but with good picture qualities as well. Cimnet AHD cameras is ranging from 1megapixels to 6megapixels.

DVR’s are used to connect AHD cameras, Cimnet has various kind of DVR’s, application will be determined by customer need or request, Cimnet has DVR ranging from 4 channel to 32 channel with different video encoding capacity.

CCTV Solution over Fiber

We offer this Solutions to Estates, Campus and Large Factories, Cimnet design and implement surveillance system over Fiber Optics cable using Optical Line Transmitters Technology (OLT) and ONU’s to carry video traffic from the cameras to the central control system where the NVR is located. This technology allows as many cameras as possible in different locations to send video traffic to a designated location.

CCTV Solution over Wireless

Cimnet designs and implement wide area network cctv solution (WAN-CCTV). With our expertise in surveillance architecture, we provide surveillance solution in communities and state wide surveillance coverage using wireless distribution system. We are also partners to wireless equipment manufacturers. This helps us to source depending on specification the right wireless equipment to carry the required video traffic wirelessly to a central control station, the Cameras can be remotely viewed singularly or collectively on a monitor screen. The cameras can be set to forward video footage to the control station via the provided wireless network infrastructure or to a cloud server storage located in our data center.

Backup Over Cloud Storage

Cimnet backup storage server is collocated in tier three state of the act data center in Lagos Nigeria, we offer our customers choice of either locally storing video footage and backing up over cloud or directly forwarding footage to our secured cloud server located in a data center. Our enterprise customers mostly prefer to backup video footage in our secured cloud server should incase of fire outbreak or equipment theft.

Covert Cameras

Cimnet also deploys covert cameras based on client request and needs, our covert camera system is in form of smart watch, Eye Glass, Wall Clock and Pinhole.
Cimnet is a proud partner to world leaders on surveillance equipment manufacturers. Cimnet partner with Ozaas, Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch and Axiz camera manufacturing companies.

Our product range

Ozaas Bullet Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Ozaas Dome Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Hikvision Speed Dome Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Hikvision Bullet Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Hikvision Dome Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Dahua Dome Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Dahua Bullet Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Covert Camera (Available in IP and HD)
Ozaas XVR
Hikvision NVR
Hikvision Wireless NVR
Dahua DVR
Dahua NVR


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