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Card and Biometrics Access Control

Cimnet is a leading integrator of Card and Biometric Access Control System. We have continued to deploy the best electronic control systems in the market, from stand-alone systems to complex networked systems. Based on need our solution can serve small, medium and high scale enterprises by deploying single authentication method or combinations such as electronic cards, facial recognition and biometrics. With our strong partnership with leading OEM’s such as; Zkteco, Paston and Hikvision, we have been able to serve our customers need using the right equipment for their installation.

Our Range of Card and Biometric Access Control System

ZK Pface 2020 Time and Attendance System
ZK FRI200 Reader
ZK TL300B Door Lock
ZK GL300 Door PIN Lock
ZK Exit Button
Zk Access Card
ZK Maglock

Barrier Gate and Turnstile

Cimnet has been deploying Barrier Gate Solutions to estates, factories, malls and office complexes using the state of the art barrier gate system such as Centurion and Zkteco. This solution has helped our client manage access and to secure their premises from un-authorized personnel’s. Depending on client requirement, the barrier gate system can be integrated to Bollards or Underground Spikes to prevent drive through without authentication. These provide a high level of security by blocking access to a site from unauthorized vehicles. Designed and built with heavy gauge metals and other alloys, the road blockers which is either Bollard or underground spikes are able to withstand very high impact forces from small and articulate vehicles of all kinds. Road Blockers are electro-hydraulically controlled, safely allowing its operation from a remote or local location.
The barrier gate system can be standalone or installed alongside pedestrian turnstile for full access restriction, the barrier gate with the turnstile system will be integrated to an access control device for the authentication to function on all systems. Based on need, this solution can provide database of occupant’s while at same time set to deny access to residents defaulting in paying fees and levies.

Our Ranges of Barrier and Turnstile System

Sector II Barrier Yellow
ZK Pro BG300 Barrier
Full Height Turnstile
ZK TS100 Waist Height Turnstile
SBTL8200 Waist Height Turnstile
FAAC – J200 Hydraulic Bollard
ZK-TK500 Underground Spike
Photon Infrared Beam

Baggage Scanners and Metal Detectors

Cimnet is an authorized retailer and installer for highly sensitive X-ray scanners for commercial and industrial applications. These scanners include the hand held scanners/metal detectors, undercar scanners and cameras, full body scanners, portable walk through scanners and occupied vehicle scanners.
Our services in these areas include Consultancy, Pre-sales and procurement, installation and aftersales services. Products we represent include Rapiscan, Pro Vision, GARRETT, SCANNA and Zkteco. Cimnet can secure guarantees for scanners that will detect hidden contents within scanner range including explosives.

Our Range of Electronic Scanner System

BLADE6040 Baggage Scanner
ZKX6550A Advanced Baggage Scanner
MST150 Metal Walkthrough Scanner
ZK-D3180S Metal Detector with Temperature Measurement
ZK-D3180S Metal Detector
ZK-M3 Under Car Scanner
ZK-D100S Metal Scanner
ZK-D300 Hand Scanner
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